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ICO (Initial Coin Offering)

An ICO is the most modern and convenient way to get financing for start-ups.

Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies, digital assets based on that technology, allow any idea to get materialised.

Our Company is one of the first consultancy firms who found potential in ICOs as a great opportunity to fund online and even offline projects.

We use our rich practical experience in the creation of development programs for business and investment projects to assist our clients with:

  • finding economic value in the project to attract potential users and investors;
  • White Paper preparation;
  • project visualisation through logo and unique style;
  • project protection through registration of intellectual property (trademark etc.)
  • creation of effective corporate structure for the project;
  • companies and bank accounts set up;
  • accreditation at cryptocurrency exchange;
  • creation and testing of channels to withdraw fiat funds from cryptocurrency exchange;
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