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Where private investors find profit in 2020 - 15.07.2020How are investments different from mere allocation of funds? Investments are always aimed at making a profit. Unfortunately, there are big problems with profit this year. Is there anything we can do about it? The answer depends on the size of the portfolio - the higher it is, the more vulnerable the investor, since any attempt by a large investor to turn securities into money will result in significant losses for him.
How can foreigner open bank account in Singapore in 2020? Part I - 18.03.2020After a year, we are writing again on the matter of opening bank accounts in Singapore banks for foreign citizens who don’t live in Singapore. As we noted in the previous article, Singapore remains one of the few places on the planet of Earth that maintains reliability and stability of its banking system amid growing uncertainty and fears of a new global financial crisis. The year 2019 turned out to be relatively calm, in the sense that there were no radically new rules, like the automatic exchange of information that was introduced over the previous years.
How virusness kills financial markets - 01.03.2020In the last working week of February 2020, the Dow Jones index set a historical anti-record: its value fell by more than 4000 points. In relative terms, this is about 15% - just on the verge between the "correction" and the "collapse" of the market. At the same time, the price of many "popular", "outperforming" and "promising" stocks fell by 20-40% or more - and all this happened during 7 trading sessions, in record time for the US stock market.
Better than stocks - 31.08.2019In 1939, US President Franklin Roosevelt uttered a phrase that became famous: “He may be a son of a bitch, but he's our son of a bitch.” That is how the US president described his colleague and ally in Central America, Nicaraguan President Anastasio Somoza Garcia. After 80 years, in the summer of 2019, Roosevelt's words are repeated by many investors who invest in financial markets. But now this phrase is addressed not to a person, but to a class of assets, specifically to stocks. On the one hand, it was in the summer of 2019 that the Dow Jones index updated its historical maximum, on the other hand, it is now becoming clear that the growth period can end at any time.
Better than Real Estate - 30.08.2019Real estate is a well spoken of class of assets because: it is an asset that generates regular rental income; in addition, there is a chance that over time the market price of the object will increase; real estate allows investors to survive difficult times as it eventually retains the real value of money after long periods of inflation and economic downturn. Therefore, real estate is a must have asset for any investor.
Better than bonds: fixed income with minimum risk - 28.08.2019With this article, we continue the cycle related to investment solutions that provide practical answer to the question “HOW CAN INVESTOR EARN IN TIMES OF FINANCIAL CRISES?” In the previous article, we identified a number of general rules. These rules guide investors towards earnings, regardless of the economic situation. In this article, as well as in upcoming two, we are going to show how, starting from general rules, find specific instruments for investments that will be profitable and safe at the same time. It is known that one of the least risky asset classes is fixed income assets. The most common instruments in this class are government and corporate bonds.
How investors can earn during financial crises - 02.07.2019Nobody hopes for financial crises. It is difficult to find people who are pleased by hearing about falling quotes and bankruptcies, let alone seeing the value of their assets shrink on their broker’s reports before their very own eyes. However, the most unpleasant consequence of financial crises is the uncertainty they generate. First, they always begin unexpectedly and it is never known how long they will last.
SINGAPORE: FROM PYGMY TO TITAN IN 200 YEARS - 15.06.2019It is hard to believe but there was a time when beautiful city-state-island-garden-playground Singapore wasn’t existing. When Sir Stamford Raffles, a British official who is considered to be founding father of contemporary Singapore and one of the fathers of British Empire, first landed on the Isle of Singapore in early 1819, he found abandoned place covered by jungles with less than 1,000 inhabitants who made their living from fishing and goat-farming.
Why singapore companies are the best choice For international business in 2019 – 20.03.2019Owners of small and medium enterprises all over the world are confused. On the one hand, they need companies established outside the countries of their residence for the successful conduct of international business. On the other hand, the use of simple solutions has become impossible as a result of the fight against tax haven companies. This fight has been led by joint efforts of the governments of developed countries and all the other countries of the world that value their reputation have currently joined it.
How can a foreigner open a bank account in Singapore in 2019? – 25.12.2018We would like to tell you about the possibilities of opening a bank account in Singapore for individuals who are non-residents of the city-state. The year 2018 was a year of further tightening of onboarding rules in the banks worldwide. As a result, bank account opening is now a complicated mission almost impossible to complete.
How rental property investment protects from financial crisis. – 08.09.2018The last month of the calendar summer of 2018 can be described as calm for global financial markets. Indices of leading markets are near record levels. NASDAQ index, APPLE and GOOGLE, VISA and MASTERCARD stocks continue to grow in price. However, there are signs showing the picture will change soon: emerging markets’ indices are slightly lower than a year ago, there are less stocks whose price has grown over the past year.
The worst asset of 2018 – 06.07.2018As the first half of 2018 is ending, it is a good time to sum up the interim results of this year for investors. In general, the global financial markets’ behaviour in the last 6 months can be described as a calm before the storm. Indices of the leading equity markets showed a decrease up to 10%, the current yield on bond investments is in the zero area after the last 6 months in the US authorities raised the intertest rate, the same is for the gold and the largest real estate markets. In addition, experts unanimously predict the approach of the next financial crisis.
Offshores – out! And who’s in? – 20.06.2018In the short time that has elapsed since the announcement by ABLV BANK of self-liquidation, a number of remarkable events have taken place in the banking sector of Latvia. On May 09, amendments to the Law on the Prevention of Laundering the Proceeds from Criminal Activity (Money Laundering) and of Terrorist Financing (AML Law) entered into force in Latvia, prohibiting market participants from engaging in relations with companies that have the characteristics of a shell company
Great wealthy Chinese people’s path – 08.06.2018In May 2018, professionals from the international tax planning industry, business immigration, asset management gathered in the Chinese City of Shenzhen to participate in China Offshore Shenzhen Summit 2018 and to present new solutions for wealthy people living and working in China. However, the major value of the summit was, in our opinion, that it gave an opportunity to hear from the professionals working in China what the local market really needs.
It’s time for the best solutions – 28.04.2018In April 2018, two traditional conferences of WEALTH PRO series, organized by Bosco Conference, were held one after another in 2 major Russian cities, Moscow and St. Petersburg. A representative of our company, a well-known expert on developing optimal solutions for business and capital protection, Sergey Bogatyrev, made presentations at both events.

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