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Second passport in Cyprus

For the past several years Cyprus has offered a citizenship-by-investment scheme

Currently, applications for citizenship take approximately 3 months, which makes this process one of the fastest not only in Europe, but worldwide.

Once you buy Cypriot property for more than 2 million euros you will be qualify to apply for Cyprus citizenship.

The whole applicant’s family is eligible for Cyprus citizenship

To be considered as a tax resident in Cyprus, a Cypriot citizen must be present in Cyprus no less than 60 days per calendar year and should not be a tax resident of any other country.

The main advantage of z Cypriot passport is unlimited stay, including eligibility to work, study and social benefits within the EU.

Besides that, second citizenship is traditionally used to manage personal wealth.

To decide whether to apply for Cypriot citizenship or not

This is recommended for people who wish to relocate to a foreign property. Then, applying minimal effort, the prospects of travel and capital protection will highly increase.

Please send your quote to buy property in Cyprus to apply for Cypriot citizenship.

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