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Caribbean passport

Citizenship through investment schemes in the Caribbean

There are several countries in the Caribbean who offer citizenship through investment schemes.

Saint Kits and Nevis is well-known and recognised pioneer in the economic citizenship industry – its first programme of citizenship through investment was introduced in early 1984.

Besides Saint Kits and Nevis, citizenship through investments programmes are offered by Grenada, Dominican Union and Antigua and Barbuda. The most recent scheme was introduced by Saint Lucia in 2016.

Used as a second passport, Caribbean passport holders are eligible to visit the Schengen zone, as well as non-Schengen European Union states and the UK on a visa-free basis. This makes this instrument very attractive for those who would need to otherwise obtain a visa to visit the above mentioned countries.

Second citizenship programmes are quite similar: they offer the same list of visa-free travel and require non-refundable donations into development funds or property investments.

However, the differences depend on investments values and the timescale of applications for second citizenship.

Yet all Caribbean programmes can be recognised as the most accessible way to obtain citizenship through investment – costs of a whole package will not exceed 500 thousand US dollars.

Caribbean passports price decreased in autumn 2017:

At present, local Caribbean authorities are trying to fund the restoration of hurricane affected areas, meaning that it is now far easier to obtain investment citizenship.

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