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Citizenship Of Malta

Maltese citizenship through investment scheme

Maltese citizenship is the only solution in the world to get citizenship of an EU and Schengen member-country.

A Maltese Residence Permit allows you to live in Malta and visit other European Union countries, whilst Maltese citizenship provides you with the right to work in the EU and be eligible to all the social benefits the European Union provides.

Visa-free entry for Maltese citizens consists of 152 countries and territories out of a possible 199, including the UK, USA, Australia and Canada (according to passportindex.org).

Combining Russian and Maltese passports, the number of visa-free entry countries, by October 2017, increases to 170 states.

Also, Maltese citizenship through investment scheme allows the applicants whole family to get Maltese citizenship, including unmarried children from 18 to 26 years old and dependent parents up to 55 years old. The right of Maltese citizenship will also be granted for grandchildren of the main applicant without any restrictions on their origin of birth and place of residence.

All successful applicants for Maltese citizenship need to contribute a non-refundable donation into the National Development and Social Fund:

  • 640 thousand Euros – main applicant;
  • 25 thousand Euros – spouse of main applicant and children under 18 years old;
  • 50 thousand Euros – children from 18 up to 26 years old and parents under 55 years old.

Other investments – property and government bonds – are returnable, with an applicant able to sell them 5 years later, whilst maintaining their Maltese citizenship.

There is only one disadvantage in this scheme – as of October 2017 there are 1800 main applicants registered into this programme, accounting for 75 per cent of the overall quota.

There is a possibility to apply

2018 will likely be the last year to apply for Maltese citizenship through investment scheme. Thus, there is not much time left for consideration and you should act immediately to get into this scheme.

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