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Registration of companies outside Singapore

We strongly believe

that terms for doing business even in the best jurisdictions such as Singapore can be strengthened by the corporate structure of several companies registered in different countries.
Over years of experience, we have built relationships with partners from many countries– from New Zealand to Canada.

Therefore, we can recommend to our customers what to do in order to solve the problem in the best way and we are ready to help put our solutions into practice.

The reality of today confirms our belief

that the laws governing international business and foreign investment are getting more complicated. Therefore, even just to ensure that the activities are consistent with current legislation, the corporate structure must be thought out in detail.

Our team of professionals is able to consider all relevant information to find the right solution for you and implement their recommendations.

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You can rely on the most complete analysis of your target, regardless of whether your project requires a Singapore-registered company, a classic tax haven company or a respectable company outside of Singapore.