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Singapore advantages

The advantages of Singapore as a jurisdiction result from more than 50 years of sustained economic development and the improvement of corporate, litigation and tax laws.

Today’s Singapore is:

  • a country with a highly developed infrastructure for business conduct;
  • one of the top five financial centres of the world;
  • the financial capital of South-East Asia;
  • the region's largest country in international trade (among the 15 largest in the world);
  • a country with one of the highest credit ratings;
  • a country with the highest business reputation;
  • one of the centres of international arbitration;
  • a country with the highest standards and quality of life;
  • one of the safest countries in the world;
  • a country without drugs;
  • a country with the most affordable business immigration program for entrepreneurs with higher education.

The advantages of Singapore are confirmed by various world rankings:

  • it is No. 1 country in the world for ease of doing business;
  • the safest country in Asia.
  • it is the best place for investment in Asia;
  • best logistic centre of Asia;
  • the best country on the implementation of technological innovations;
  • the best infrastructure for doing business;
  • the country number 2 in the ranking of economic freedom;
  • it is No. 2 in ranking of competitiveness of cities and many others.
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